Wild Jungle Safari Wall Stencil Kit

Wild Jungle Safari Wall Stencil Kit

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You can turn your child’s bedroom into a jungle safari with this simple wall mural stencil kit. The Wild Jungle Safari Stencil Kit contains 30 self-adhesive stencils and is fun and easy to do. There is absolutely no artistic skill required. Our wall stencils are self-adhesive, so no tape or glue is needed. Just stick the wall stencil to the wall, paint, remove, and reuse.

You will receive: 30 wall stencils, foam brushes and a detailed instruction and color guide.

Wall stencils included: jungle tree stencils, hibiscus flower stencils, a variety of leaf stencils, bromeliad stencil, elephant ear leaf stencil, lizard stencil, rhino stencil, cloud stencils, hummingbird stencil, butterfly stencils, toucan stencil, zebra stencil, tree frog stencil, monkey stencils, lion stencil, fern stencil, giraffe stencil, bird-of-paradise stencil, elephant stencils, tiger stencil, and macaw stencil.


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