Kids Wall Decals

Our selection of kids wall decals contains offering for every age and style. Our collection of wall decals for boys includes a wide range of popular themes and décor trends, including chalkboard and fabric options, and personalized decals. Whether your son loves sports, animals, robots, or airplanes, we have something that is sure to make him smile. Some of the most popular boys wall decals we carry include hot air balloons, woodland creatures, and nautical and pirate themes. If your son is a sports nut, our extensive selection of sports wall decals will offer him lots of choices, no matter which sport he is obsessed with. One of the great things about our boys wall stickers is that they allow kids a way to create a room they actually want to spend time in, that parents will love, too.

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Our boys wall decals are non-marring, so there won't be any damage to your wall or paint which makes them a perfect décor option if you rent your home or prefer the option of changing the look of your child’s room as his interests change, without the hassle of having to repaint.  Wall decals are scanned pieces of at which look like they were painted on the wall by a professional artist.  They are so simple to apply by cutting out or taking apart the decal from the backing sheet and configure them however you wish.  The Boys Depot offers tons of personalized decals in every color imaginable. Some display a fancy monogram or your child's name.  

Babies turn into big kids in the blink of an eye, so we make sure to stock a selection of wall decals for kids that offers something for every age, from babies to teens!