Infant Carrier Covers

Simple Solution * When it’s cold or windy outside, what do you do? You throw a blanket over the car seat handle, but it never works. The blanket keeps falling off, cold air blows through, you don’t have a firm grip on the handle, and you can’t see what the baby is doing. * No more fumbling with blankets or bulky seat liners to keep your baby warm, dry, and protected. * Create a nap time environment while eating out or taking a walk. * Continue living your on-the-go lifestyle and create a protected at-home feeling for your baby. Fits ALL standard infant car seat carriers! Made in the USA Functional * Sure fit in the front and back. No more fumbling with blankets or bulky seat liners! * Elastic opening for a sure grip on the car seat handle * Window flaps in the front and back. Button it up or flap it down. The window holes create easy access to baby and sufficient air circulation. * Side cargo pockets on both sides. Throw in your keys, wallet, diaper/wipes, teething ring, or whatever else you need for a quick trip. Run in without lugging your huge diaper bag. * Loose sides for great circulation. * Patent Pending Super Cute * Function is critical, but so is design! * BabbaCovers come in Super Cute designs for the “awwww…how cute” reaction. This line features beep beep cars, dainty ladybugs, and rockin’ turtles. * The Super Chic designs create the “ohh yeah” style! This line features the latest designer patterns that fit into your current fashion. Designs were inspired or picked by real moms with style.