Designing A Boys Room

Let His Interest's Guide The Way To Designing
A Perfect Space
Let His Interests Be Your Inspiration 
When it comes to designing a boy's bedroom, take a look at your son’s interests for your inspiration. You know what he loves most,
so use those themes to set up a room he will love! You can choose something as focused as a single sport, such as soccer,
or as broad as a nature theme, and then bring it to life with bedding sets, wall art and paint.
Make sure the room is both fun and peaceful because your son will end up spending plenty of time in his
room with his friends playing games and building whatever comes into his imagination.    
Display His Prized Collections
Don’t forget, a boy's bedroom should be a reflection of his unique personality. A great way to showcase your son's
individuality such as his interests, whether it be sports or music is by putting his awards, artwork and trophies on display.
Gather your boys prized collections together and display them in small vignettes around the room.
Keep in mind that collections have a tendency to grow and grow, so plan extra space.
Personalize His Space
Make your son feel special by using his name in the room's decor. Include it in a painted wall mural,
hang a name plaque on his door, add a personalized wall decal to a bare wall or spell out his name in
large capital letters along a shelf. Add monogrammed bedding and blankets to his bed or have his name
added to a kids chair or beanbag chair.  Initial or monogrammed rugs are another great addition to any child’s room.
Think of interesting ways to display his artwork that make it easy to change up his masterpieces. Another really easy
way to personalize your son's room is to display photos, either from his activities or things you’ve done with him as a family.
Hang a canvas growth chart on the wall that ties in with the room theme.   You could also paint one out of a collection of
sports pennants, or paint a tree with branches for child who loves to camp or a rocket for an aspiring astronaut.
Plan Ahead For His Interests To Change
Plan ahead. While he may love all things sports now, he might become fascinated with robots and space
next month so make his room adaptable. As your child grows, so will his interests and hobbies.
If you like the idea of updating parts of his room's decor to keep up with his newest interests,
choose a solid colored rug and boys bedding, window panels and quilt that will look great with lots of
different sheeting collections and new toys. Be sure to find furniture pieces that serve multiple functions.
For example, a modular shelving unit may hold his collection of books now but can be easily used to store
DVDs later.  A convertible toddler bed can transition into a headboard and footboard once he's ready. 
By Jennifer Elmes - Customer Service @ The Boys Depot
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