Take Me Out To The Ball Game Wall Decal

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Wall Decal





"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" decal is perfect for all those baseball fans! Co-ordinates well with Pottery Barns Baseball bedding.

You can personalize the monogram with your childs name, and select up to 5 custom sayings to put on the various sized baseballs. This decal is completely customized just for you!!! 

Set includes:

(1) 23" Baseball Monogram (customized with your childs name)

(2) 10" Baseballs

(3) 7" Baseballs

(5) Stars

You can have the decals in the colors shown, or choose to select up to 3 colors (1-baseball color, 2-writing/stars, 3-stiching on the baseballs). 


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