Ob-Bla-Di-Ob-Bla-Da Rockin Baby Pouch

Ob-Bla-Di-Ob-Bla-Da Rockin Baby Pouch





The Ob-Bla-Di-Ob-Bla-Da Rockin' Baby Pouch can be used from the day your baby is born until they reach 35 pounds. It is excellent for breastfeeding, working at home while keeping baby close, in social situations, or running errands. Five different carrying positions are available, depending on your baby's physical development and their need for stimulation or security.

The Rockin' Baby Pouch does an excellent job of distributing the baby or toddler's weight across your shoulder and upper back, and as you wear an older child, the weight distributes to your shoulders, back and hips. The fabric on the shoulder can be pulled down to form a cap that distributes the weight even more. It can also be helpful to switch shoulders from time to time.

While there's a short learning curve to wearing the Rockin' Baby Pouch, it soon becomes as easy as pulling on a cute pair of jeans. The Rockin'' Baby Pouch is completely adjustable to fit the individual babywearer. And with such fun, funky fabrics, you will truly feel like an individual!

All Rockin' Baby Pouches are designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, where the workers receive a fair, living wage. All the fabrics are breathable, high-quality natural fibers that have been pre-shrunk so you don't have to worry about shrinking or colors running. Rockin' Baby Pouches are completely reversible and have two small pockets with Velcro closure on the shoulder zipper cover, perfect for stashing your keys or cell phone.


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