Diaper Changing Table

The Boys Depot's diaper changing table and nursery changing table are high quality furniture pieces with versatility and style. Vintage, classic, wood or iron - there is a baby changing table for you. There are baby changing table dresser combos, which follow your baby out of the nursery and into childhood, or there are simple changing stations. Although you have many to choose from, whichever infant changing table you pick is guaranteed to be of superior quality that is characteristic of The Boys Depot.
Kaloo Blue Change Table


Relics Furniture Convertible Changing Ches...

$1,060.00   $1,030.00

Relics Furniture Lily Changing Table

$1,999.00   $1,969.00

Relics Furniture Wonderland Changer & Chan...

$1,819.00   $1,799.00

Sam Changer (your choice of paint color)


Vintage Kids Captain 4 Drawer Dresser (you...