Baby Owl Gift Basket - Personalized





Oh my!!! This has to be our staff's favorite basket! The wise, intelligent and brilliant owl represents quick-wit and nobility and is excruciatingly adorable in this brand new  baby gift basket. The soft hues of beige, yellow and brown, makes this basket ultra classy and chic. Included is an entire infant layette wardrobe comprised of baby jumper, applique baby onesie, polka dot baby onesie, baby pants, super soft baby hat, owl bib and a luxurious satin hanger, this gift is sure to keep little one comfortable and happy in those first few precious months.
Add in the Tulip Tree-To-Be one of America's most magnificent trees. This tree kit includes everything you need to successfully start and grow a tulip tree. An aluminum tag is provided for a personalized inscription to be placed on the tree. It is a great gift idea for commemorating the birth of a new baby!
Include the personalized Melissa & Doug wooden door plaque and you have yourself the ultimate luxurious unique baby gift!

This Item Features:

Owl Baby Applique Romper (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Owl Baby Applique Bib (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Owl Baby Applique Baby Hat (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Owl Baby Applique Onesie (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Owl Baby Polka Dot Onesie (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Owl Baby Pants (100% Cotton - Size 3 -6 Months)
Satin Baby Clothes Hanger
Tulip Tree-To-Be Kit
Adorable Plush Owl (Measures 9 inches tall)
White Nursery Wicker Basket  


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